This entirely natural process allows food processors to reduce preservatives and other chemical additives and uses recycled water for a greener, more sustainable approach to food security.

    Fresh herbs, always fresh! Any kitchen enthusiast knows the role of flavors in the success of a dish. When dealing with fragrance, there is not comparable to fresh herbs. Unfortunately, they fade quickly and lose their aromatic properties.

    Family business , the Mini Farms Balatti have developed an exclusive natural process of collecting, preparing and preserving fresh herbs. The same day of harvest, herbs are washed, crushed and mixed with olive oil of the highest quality.

    Result: exceptional freshness and prolonged storage. Business for all sectors: • industrial, retail or catering • you will enjoy fresh herbs from Mini-Farms Balatti, a simple, practical and economical to always have on hand the flavors that make all the difference. With fresh herbs Mini-Farms Balatti is the best!